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The RBHTC (Rashtriya Blind Hostel and Training Center) established on 07-01-2004, with Govt. (Registration number S- 47992/2004) of India by Swami Education and Social Welfare Society. Being a Society we are fighting the cruel face of God, and trying to help these poor, ignored and helpless people. In our thinking they too are creation of God and having the same sense of livelihood but few of them are extremely poor condition. This will be a great thing for us if we can help them in any manner. Our one hand will give them the pleasure of life.

Motive :- To Serve and help the blinds to lead a healthy life for which they are rightful. The Society arranges food and living expenses for blind. This Society also helps in marriages of poor families daughter and arranges food for them.


Please Help the Society for success in the holy purpose.

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